It has been a complete honor to serve our community at this capacity and to give back to this district that has given so much to my family. As this term comes to end this year, I recognize there is more work to be done and I still have more to contribute. And despite our challenges, I’m ????? ????????? ?? ??! That is why I am running to be elected this fall on November 2 and I really need your help! How, you ask?

  1. Your Vote: If you are a West Chester or Liberty Twp. resident, ?? need your vote. Every vote counts! Early voting began October 5th and the election is November 2nd.
  2. Your Yard: Place a sign in your yard showing your support! Fill out the form below to request one.
  3. Your Friends: Reach out to your neighbors and friends encouraging them to help with ????? ? & ? . Please let them know that I am personally willing to meet with anyone who has questions, comments, or even concerns they would like to discuss before they do ????? ? & ?. They can also email me directly (??????21@?????.???).
  4. Your Time*: If you’d like to help with volunteering at events or help in general with the campaign efforts, let us know. ?? need as much help as we can get! Let us know what you can help with!
  5. Your Financial Contribution*: ?? need funds for all marketing efforts. And any amount is greatly appreciated. You can easily contribute here: or contact me with the form below for address to send checks.

* ??? ???? ??? ????? ??? ????????? ????????????? ??? ????? ??????? ?? ????, ??? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ?????? ????????! Thank you so much for your consideration in helping us. Feel free to email me (??????21@?????.???) to express your interest in helping us as ?? ensure that every single kid is represented and has the best opportunity to receive a quality education. And please, stay tuned to learn more specifically about the campaign and why I’m ????? ????????? ?? ??! Humbly,Michael


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